Tours & Excursions

Stone Town – City Tour

Discover fantastic heritage and history of the famous Stone Town (in Swahili “Mji Mkongwe”).
Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Stone Town has a rich history of sea traders, explorers, sultans and exotic spices.
To truly appreciate Stone Town, it is best to explore it on foot with the guide who will lead you through the narrow and winding streets, telling you all about ancient secrets, stories and taking you to the sites where it all happened…

Spice Tour

Zanzibar Island is also known as Spice Island and if you have ever wondered why, the answer can be found on one of many spice farms or gardens which are located in the central part of the Island.

Dolphin Spotting Tour

This is one of the Island’s most popular and exciting excursions with an unique opportunity to see the numerous
dolphins, which inhabit the sea in the southern part of the Island, known as Menai Bay Conservation Area the
trip itself is a short and relaxing encounter with the beauty of Indian Ocean.

Jozani Forest

The forest in the heart of Chwaka Bay national park is the only remaining natural forest and the largest groundwater or swamp forest on the Island.
Described as a haven for nature lovers, it represents a rich mosaic of wide variety of wildlife and it is home
to some endemic, endangered species.
The most famous inhabitant of the Forest is rare Red Colobus Monkey which is indigenous to Zanzibar

Prison Island

A historical site with prison ruins combined with nature walking trails, tortoise sanctuary and possibility to
explore the Indian Ocean and sunbathe on the beach makes Prison Island one of the most popular tour choices.
This tour can be combined as the afternoon part of a City or Spice Tour.

Breezes Swahili Day

Celebrate Swahili Day in the Swahili way! A wonderful opportunity to meet the local people of the Island in the nearby village of Bwejuu.
This trip is one of our most popular excursions and it is organized as part of a community project, “Breezes for Bwejuu!”
The proceeds of the tour go directly to a fund, which we have set up to benefit the village. Some of the most notable contributions to date are the roofing and finishing of the School Library, school materials, books and medicines for the clinic. We also sponsor an outstanding student of the year award for each class.
This is a special way that you can make a connection and assist us in making a difference for the people of Zanzibar.

Sunset Dhow Cruise

Step onto the deck of traditional dhow, relax and sail away on a magical sunset cruise to end your day.
The sunset cruise leaves in the late afternoon from Stone Town along the Unguja coast, slicing through the clear turquoise water. On your cruise you will be accompanied by a guide who will give you a tour of Stone Town from the water.
As you sail back towards the glimmering lights of Stone Town the Sun sets, changing the sky from shades of pink and blue to magnificent golden colors